A Cookie Town and Christmas Tradition in Bergen Lies in Ruins

 - Nov 24, 2009
References: bergensentrum.no & in.news.yahoo
The Bergen gingerbread town is a Christmas-time tradition in the Norwegian city. Unfortunately, for gingerbread enthusiasts the spectacular display was ruthlessly destroyed over the weekend.

The 650-cookie house Bergen gingerbread town was found crushed, painted and sprayed with fire extinguisher foam. Strange, as I thought the destruction would come with many more bite-marks, missing cookie-homes and dilapidated jellybean shingles.

The police are looking into all possible lead as to who would want to participate in such vandalism (rival shortbread architecture enthusiasts perhaps?). Fear not as the citizens who participated in the construction are working day and night for the next week to reconstruct the Bergen gingerbread town, no word on whether or not any gingerbread men or women were harmed during the attack.