From Knitted Holiday Treats to DIY Gingerbread Decor

 - Dec 17, 2013
If you're looking to outfit your home with festive holiday decor this season, then these gingerbread-inspired products will definitely add a humorous seasonal touch to any home.

When it comes to enjoying the Christmas holidays, there are certain treats and desserts that simply make the season what it is. And one of those treats happen to be scrumptious gingerbread houses and adorable gingerbread men. While baking them to eat is definitely great for those who have a sweet tooth, opting for decor that resembles gingerbread eats is a creative alternative for showcasing some Christmas spirit at home.

From plushy holiday garlands to cookie USB drives and delectable Christmas sweaters, these gingerbread-inspired products will surely add a playful holiday touch to any seasonal festivity.