This Gingerbread T-Shirt Features a Christmas Crime Scene

 - Dec 4, 2014
References: etsy
The Gingerbread Man meets his tragic end in this gruesome gingerbread t-shirt by Etsy store Crazy Dog T-Shirts.

The Gingerbread Man once boasted, "You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!" Unfortunately, the enchanted little dessert-man spoke too soon. Just goes to show you, bragging will make you some powerful enemies. The shirt features a graphic of a beheaded Gingerbread Man, surrounded by a devastated gingerbread cop and angry gingerbread detective. Who could have committed such an atrocity? What other other fairy tale character could be capable of such evil? It's up for interpretation.

The classic children's fairy tale takes a dark turn in this t-shirt by Crazy Dog T-Shirts, but it will be sure to delight and amuse (adults) anyway.