From Music-Inspired Candles to Singer-Approved Guitar Picks

 - Dec 23, 2015
These gifts for Taylor Swift fans range from musical candle accessories to guitar picks that are adorned with the singer's face. In addition to her hit singles and memorable live performances, Taylor Swift has also become a fashion influencer for mass audiences. Gracing ad campaigns for sneaker brand Keds and the covers of Vogue and other top style publications, the singer has achieved new career heights in recent months.

In addition to collectible fashion magazine issues and Internet meme t-shirts, these gifts for Taylor Swift fans also include ironic statement sweaters and celebrity couple costumes -- ideal for those looking to dress up like Taylor and her boyfriend Calvin Harris next Halloween.

Other favorites include paintings that superimpose the singer's '1989' album cover with iconic masterpieces and tank tops that poke fun at her infamous relationship troubles.