From Nest-Inspired Seating to Wove Cocoon Seating

 - May 25, 2015
Wicker and wire woven seats are perfect furniture accessories that can suit indoor and outdoor lifestyles. They are great for setting up on the patio or adding a rustic feel to any indoor living room or dining room. They are extremely lightweight and can be easily transported.

The natural colors of wire and wicker allow the seats to fit into any scene. They can be easily dyed or spray painted for a personal touch and preference. Weaving materials together allows for a greater range of style and shapes. Woven seats can be made into single seats or they can be a full sofa. There are cocoon-shaped chairs and rocking chairs as well as stools and nest-inspired seating.

Among wire and wicker, many flexible materials can be woven into a seat form like durable fabrics and leather. These materials double as a seat and a cushion.