The Luno Armchair by Il Hoon Roh is Dark and Futuristic

 - May 27, 2014
References: ilhoon & contemporist
The Luno Armchair might be dark and futuristic, but there is also an organic aesthetic that makes it appear as though it was naturally formed in some sort of enchanted forest. Perhaps this is the type of throne Maleficent would lounge in while plotting against Sleeping Beauty and her kingdom.

It is hard not to appreciate the striking appearance of the Luno Armchair. Designed by Il Hoon Roh, an industrial designer based in South Korea, it is made entirely out of carbon fiber. Woven together by hand, it creates a lightweight frame that is incredibly intricate. A limited edition, the Luno Armchair is named after the Latin word for 'curve.' Its surface is certainly curvaceous.