This Eames Couch is Exotic, Modern and Strong

 - Oct 1, 2014
References: cargocollective & gizmodo
The Eames Sofa is a piece of carbon fiber furniture that any contemporary purist would fall in love with. Although it takes on the shape of this iconic chair, it is made out of 12k carbon fiber tow, which is manipulated into something akin to a woven caning pattern. This pattern makes the carbon fiber furniture strong but light while maximizing cross-bond adhesion.

Designed by Matthew Strong, the carbon fiber furniture piece is finished with wooden legs. Strong states, "It's transparency lays bare its own construction methodology, and allows visual access to every part of the base, giving it an aesthetic coherence that feels both uncanny and curiously natural...Each iteration of the design was thicker than the last in order to strengthen it enough to hold multiple sitters."