From Gingerbread Zombies to Savory Sci-Fi Confections

 - Dec 5, 2013
The holidays are back in full swing, which means that kitchens around the country will be (hopefully) filled with many of these gleefully geeky Christmas cookies. Being a geek is cooler now than ever before, which probably explains why so many gingerbread houses have been made to resemble Hogwarts and why there are Star Wars Christmas cookies.

These gleefully geeky Christmas cookies don't just reference sci-fi movies and fantasy book series. No, there's much, much more going on here. Those who are into almost-edible computers will dig the gingerbread PC and gingerbread laptop. If design and engineering are more your thing, then the laser-cut gingerbread house should inspire you to go above and beyond this holiday season. After all, it's not really Christmas unless there's an ultra-competitive gingerbread house building contest and a zombie gingerbread man hanging from the tree.