- Aug 15, 2012
This collection of flame-quenching extinguishers shows how even the most vital of life-saving devices need to be revamped to sport a more contemporary look.

The essential flashy-red tube topped with a silver handle is recognized by almost everyone as the standard for the commercial fire extinguisher. However, in today’s era where such an accessory will not mesh well with the home’s overarching decor theme, there is a need for an image overhaul, in an attempt to encourage more people to store them safely in their homes. Some examples of such contraptions include floral fire extinguishers (which look like wall art), simplified flame-fighters (which look like high-tech vacuums) and gun-shaped quenchers (which could be mistaken for a child’s toy).

Although it is nice to have spiced up variations of the standard device, perhaps it should be left the way it originally was. Some of us won't know that the fake flower decor on the wall is useful in case of fire.

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