ClassyCutter Demonstrates How to Create a Crafty Mural for the Home

 - Mar 4, 2015
ClassyCutter's pixelated wall tutorial is a fun home project that essentially turns a space into an instant art gallery. It uses wood blocks at alternating heights to create the 8-bit aesthetic many modern individuals will appreciate. Of course, other people will simply see an artistic mosaic, which shows how versatile this pixelated wall project is. The only stipulation is that a person will have to tap into their inner crafter.

That said, the pixelated wall tutorial may be easy to do, but very time consuming. It would make a great project for those who are holed up in the home for one reason or another -- winter being one. A fun and creative pastime, the pixelated wall is something that will set people's homes apart from another. It introduces a different decor option that many will envy.