This Artist Turns Rothko and Mondrian Art into Pixelated Waterfalls

Rothko and Mondrian are two names that come to mind when we think of modern art. Painter and digital artist Stuart Atteberry selected classic works by Piet Modrian and Mark Rothko and made modern art even more modern. He created two videos of dynamic glitch art that allowed separate paintings to flow into each other and become one masterpiece.

"I try to do as little manipulation as possible in order to let the works speak for themselves," says Atteberry. The artist tries to piece together works that blend well together so as to capture the true essence of the artist. He puts his frames in a process that sorts the pixels based on brightness. The resulting images cause the paintings to look watery and reminiscent of a waterfall or fountain.

The videos are a great way to make art more relevant for today's generation.