Adam Lister Paints His Subjects with Watercolor in the 8-Bit Style

 - Feb 2, 2014
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Done in the style of pixelated 8-bit video games, these gorgeous works of art by Adam Lister are modeled after some pop-culture's most famous icons and the art world's most celebrated masterpieces.

Using watercolors, Adam Lister is able to faithfully render some of the world's most recognizable images. Even though the style is block-like and doesn't allow for facial details, you're still able to completely recognize who Adam Lister is depicting, provided you were aware of the character in the first place. The Mona Lisa, the Girl with a Pearl Earring, Willy Wonka and Boba Fette are painted in the glorious 8-bit style.

While the 8-bit art style can be disorienting at first, Adam Lister's incredible use of watercolors helps to give the style a softer look.