From Classically Painted Celebs to Lifesize Starlet Portraits

 - Dec 27, 2013
These celebrity fine art paintings eject actors, singers and other pop culture figures into classical artworks.

There are entire Tumblr blogs like the 'Carter Family Portrait Gallery' devoted to Photoshopping the faces of Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy into classical portraits from the Renaissance. And after her controversial performance at the 2013 VMAs, a series of GIFs was created, showing Miley twerking against objects in famous paintings like Salvador Dali's 'Persistance of Memory.'

These fan-created artworks may seem like a frivolous ways to idolize celebrities, but now, celebrities as muses is even being seen in prestigious museums like Louvre. This year, artist Robert Wilson has recreated a series of classical artworks that replace their original subjects with the face of Lady Gaga.