Jessica Chastain Recreates Famous Art in Vogue December 2013

Annie Leibovitz captures newcomer Jessica Chastain in the 'Work of Art' editorial for Vogue December 2013. Chastain has made a considerable name for herself in a short amount of time, turning out acclaimed performances in films such as The Help and Zero Dark Thirty.

Each photograph is meant to recreate a classic painting, a fact which may be lost on people who aren't familiar with the art stylings of Frederic Leighton and the like. Nevertheless, the photos are absolutely stunning and can be enjoyed by everyone -- especially Chastain's growing number of loyal fans.

The spread features bare-faced Chastain languidly reclines in both abandoned architecture and natural settings. Stylist Grace Coddington put Chastain in a pin-striped, aristocratic dress with a high collar, a ruffled gray ballgown and a silky royal-blue confection. On the cover image, she lounges in a flowy saffron number.