From Edgy Ladylike Editorials to 60s-Inspired Diva Fashion Ads

 - Aug 13, 2014
Today marks the birthday of the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, and a collection of Hitchcock photo shoots has been put together to celebrate what would have been his 115th year. His impressive body of work has inspired many people of the years, yet his signature style is more often than not emulated in the fashion industry. Full of mystery, darkness and Old Hollywood glamor, it is not wondering there are a slew of Hitchcock photo shoots and counting.

From ad campaigns to magazine editorials and everything in between, these Hitchcock photo shoots star famous actresses, whom the director would have cast had he been alive today, as well as top models. Whether actively embracing his movies or simply alluding to them, the Hitchcock photo shoots are as entertaining as his films.