This ‘Papercut Magazine’ Submission Features Flying Crows

 - Oct 5, 2013
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In this ‘Papercut Magazine’ submission photographed by Jessica Klingelfuss, birds take flight and create fear within the photographs. Alfred Hitchcock created a movie called ‘The Birds,' which represented his own fears of the flying creatures in the past.

The ‘Papercut Magazine’ submission ‘The Birds’ is telling of this Hitchcock film in which a model that is dressed in older outfits, also fears the crows that surround her within the images. In one image, crows come to attack the high-fashion model, as she clutches onto her beige purse. The pink fabrics she is draped in cover her up as the birds fly around her head.

The photographs within the ‘Papercut Magazine’ submission use the iconic Hitchcock movie scenes in order to frame their fashions and photography shots around this.