The Sliced Pixel Project by Victor van Gaasbeek is Clear from a Distance

The Sliced Pixel Project by Victor van Gaasbeek explores how chopped-up pixels can be arranged to create visually arresting art. He's turned diagonally sliced pixels into several animal heads, including a flamingo, giraffe, elephant and deer. The pixelated animal heads look blurred when viewed up close; step back a few paces, however, and the images grow easier to discern.

Victor van Gaasbeek is a Netherlands-born illustrator and graphic designer. Previous clients include Nike, Neue Magazine and Buro ID; a handful of his projects feature the sliced-pixel technique seen in this series.

The Sliced Pixel Project is a delightful artsy take on computer pixels and the value we've assigned them in today's mainstream culture. I love how Gaasbeek used an icon of modern technology to recreate nature.