Turn Your Pictures into Quirky Mosaics with the Emojify Application

 - Aug 21, 2013
References: designboom & thisisnthappiness
Photography as an art has been rejuvenated with a boost of humor from the makers of the Emojify app which transforms all photographs into emoji-based mosaics.

Mystify and delight your friends when you share your party photos through a series of hilarious emoticons and tiny graphics, truly transforming every event into a work of artistic computerization. An amalgamations of icons, crazy and emotional smiley faces as well as a bunch of random items and animals that can take on any interpretation you want are available through this application.

Try Emojify out on your next profile picture, as an alternative filter to your next Instagram image or try taking a classic image such as the painting of the Mona Lisa or Chet Guevera and transform them all into tiny pixels of joy.Photo Credits: thisisnthappiness, designboom