Insal'arte's Produce Packaging Spells Out Leafy Letters

 - Oct 4, 2014
References: & thedieline
Insal'arte's produce packaging is fresh and artful, using each type of leafy green inside to spell out its type on the top of the package. For example, Spinach is marked with an "S," while Andace is branded with an "A."

Rather than pairing the product with "Usual phrases that are used to describe the product inside," Mirco Luzzi describes that the aim of its design was to keep the packaging fresh and fun, which also makes it easy to grab and go thanks to the bold alphabet letters on each of the packages. On top of this, the wrappers have a gradient effect that reveals the fresh leafy greens inside. Although the shapes of the letters are pretty basic, the different salad types and shapely leaves let the personality of each green speak for itself.