This Smithuis Flavoured Chips Packaging is Designed by Peter Braakhuis

 - Aug 7, 2014
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Resembling traditional takeout containers, this Smithuis chips packaging by Peter Braakhuis makes the classic snack less low-brow and more upscale.

These artisan potato chip snacks are the result of an unexpected marketing strategy by Smithuis bakery. After building up countless amounts of waste, such as stale bread and crumbs, the bakery dried and mixed the discarded food items for animal feeding and later transformed this ritual into a re-branded snack product.

"As better and more suitable food sources emerged, Smithuis decided to transform waste into something delicious while increasing profits." The result is a range of tasty potato snacks that are packaged to embody an aesthetic of modernity, luxury and quality. This chips packaging by Peter Braakhuis is luxe and collapsible, making it both stylish and sustainable in its design.