Cal Valls Juice Packaging Features Simple Ingredient-Inspired Motifs

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: xavierolive & thedieline
The success of Cal Valls Juice packaging is twofold, enticing consumers with its bright colors and delighting their eyes with designs are simply straightforward. The little glass bottles contain a range of five different flavors and each takes graphic inspiration from its primary ingredient.

Jordi Masdeu of Spain let the natural pigment of the fruits exude behind the transparent vessels. These hues were then complemented by printed labels that feature a basic pattern each. Circles, stripes and zigzag motifs allude to the natural forms of the particular edibles, be they berries and apples or citrus foods that grow in slices. Cal Valls Juice packaging presents a reduced palette for each sticker in the interest of matching the particular variety. The result is visually bold without any busyness.