Colgate Redesign Packaging Makes Squeezing Out the Last Bit Easy

 - Mar 12, 2014
References: nnuzzo & packagingoftheworld
This Colgate Redesign packaging project deviates from the convention of containing the dental hygiene product in the typical tube. The system has proven to be effective, of course; however, Nicole Pannuzzo has demonstrated that another method would be too. Instead of responding to applied pressure around the outsides, this vessel oozes its contents when you press its two ends together.

Using a thin card material, the student designer explored an origami-esque approach that collapses like an accordion. It seems to twist as its folded sides compress, reducing the size of the toothpaste tube as the supply inside dwindles.

Now, if you look at the structure of Colgate Redesign packaging, it references the new logo that Pannuzzo created. The triangulated red C is inspired by the combined forms of the old ribbon branding, a pearly white and a sparkling diamond.