Tossed Branding is Printed with Bold Colors and Witty Quips

 - Jun 16, 2014
References: tosseduk & packagingoftheworld
Tossed is a London food chain that makes a point to focus on healthy eating and wanted its good sense of humor to come across as well with its new brand packaging.

A series of witty lines of text were developed by Richard Brownlie-Marshall, which are now used on food packaging and signage for the brand. Some of the one-liners include funny quips like "Hot Stuff coming through" or "I've got the hots for you" on a tea cup or soup container, which is both humorous and a clever reminder about the temperature of the liquid inside.

These good-humored packages are bold, but lighthearted, showing off the fun environment that consumers can expect when visiting one of Tossed's locations.