Deviantart User Chaico Imagines Disney Animals as Humans

 - Nov 3, 2014
References: chacckco.deviantart & designtaxi
Chaico is a digital artist hailing from Japan who has taken it upon herself to reimagine everyone's favorite Disney animals as humans. Turning Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Simba of 'The Lion King' and even Abu of 'Aladdin' into their human counterparts with the swift strokes of her art tool of choice, Chaico fulfills many people's wishes.

After all, Chaico isn't the only one who has been curious to know what The Little Mermaid's Flounder and Sebastian would look like if they were people and not sea creatures. Impressively rendered, Chaico left many of her interpretations in the sketch stage, only turning a few into fleshed out characters with color and dimension. Simba and his buddies Pumbaa and Timon are the only few.