These Disney Harry Potter Graphics Fuses Two Legendary Franchises

 - Dec 2, 2013
References: quickmeme
Disney and Harry Potter the among the most lucrative franchises in recent history, and this Disney Harry Potter blended graphic fits both in together with interesting and funny results. The graphic assigns Disney characters as various characters from the Harry Potter universe. Simba from the Lion King is the Gryffindor lion, for exampe, Belle, Prince Eric and Hercules are Harry, Hermione and Ron, while Mulan is Cho Chang. In a surprisingly good (and hilarious) fit, Yzma from the Emperor's New Groove is Voldemort.

This Disney Harry Potter graphic is accurate, interesting and oftentimes very funny. It's a great blending of two beloved franchises and multiple films. Fans of both Disney and Harry Potter will definitely find something to laugh at and enjoy in the graphic.