The Rodolfo Loaiza DisasterLand Exhibit Taints Childhood Memories

 - Jul 29, 2012
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Art work ©2013 (Rodolfo Loaiza)
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The Rodolfo Loaiza 'DisasterLand' paintings turn loveable Disney characters into demons, as the artist depicts them in a newly dark and demented fashion.

The protagonists and villains from movies like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Mulan and Snow White are depicted in controversial ways by society's lenient standards. Jafar and Captain Hook are pictured locking lips, the Snow Queen is snorting a line of cocaine while Mulan is outfitted as Belatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill.

This collection of paintings has the potential of seriously upsetting movie fans who now have their childhood heroes tainted. Current mothers could be enraged at the thought of their young child seeing these cartoons defiled in such a way, so parents beware and avoid showing these paintings to kids.