Robby Cook Creates a Magazine Featuring Disney Princesses

Artist Robby Cook has created a series of covers featuring well-known Disney Princesses for an imagined publication entitled Wish Magazine.

Robby Cook's choice to add barcodes, dates and even humorous article titles create a level of authenticity that help sell the illusion that this could be an actual publication one could buy at Disneyland. His detail, combined with his gorgeous covers (featuring the likes of Princess Ariel, Tiana, Aurora and Jasmine) make 'Wish Magazine' one to check out.

Disney Princesses are beautiful, there is no being subtle about it. It's a wonder then, why it has taken so long for one to be on the cover of a magazine. Thankfully we don't have to wait around for Disney, artist Robby Cook has decided to make his own and share it with us.