Artist Lou Creates an Incredible Disney Pacific Rim Mashup

 - Jun 23, 2014
References: jiinsy.tumblr & nerdist
In a truly surprising mashup, artist Lou aka "jiinsy" has created a Disney Pacific Rim crossover, where iconic Disney characters pair up in order to pilot the awe-inspiring mechs known as Jaegers from the Summer blockbuster movie Pacific Rim.

Not content with simply creating beautiful drawings, Lou goes on to write a brief piece of fan fiction that explains the reasoning behind some of her pairings. As those who have seen Pacific Rim are well aware, a Jaeger must be piloted by two people, and for the most part Lou pairs up Disney characters with their romantic partners, in some cases however – like that of Lilo and her sister, or Merida and her mother – pairings are also chosen based on familial bloodlines.

Beautifully rendered, this Disney Pacific Rim mashup is sure to please fans of both series.