The Buckle Bangle Brings Gilded Waist-Worn Fashion to the Wrist

For many women, the ideal when dressing themselves is to make sure that all jewelry and accessories in one ensemble match each other. There may be an even keener way to confirm the complementary quality of every adorning piece, delivered elegantly through the Buckle Bangle.

Gold belts are in style as important outfit elements that create shape, introduce support and deliver visual intrigue. It's fitting then that the Rock Paper Scissors studio has created such an elegant and iconic bracelet that can perfectly coordinate with such a piece.

A burnished yellow metal was manipulated into an oval form to fit the wrist of the wearer. Its slender width and its warm and polished surface exudes a daintiness and a sophistication. But the Buckle Bangle can be worn casually as well, made possible by its quirky false clasp and set of strap holes.