Contrex Uses a Neon Male Stripper to Sell its Water

 - Oct 11, 2011
References: youtube & foodista
The French bottled water company Contrex appeals to the ladies in the crowd with their latest ad featuring a massive neon male stripper. A row of pink bicycles appear lined up in front of an unassuming building. Slowly, curious women approach the bikes and begin pedaling. As their numbers grow a male stripper, complete with six-pack and chiseled good looks, appears lit up on the front of the building. A stereo springs to life and the women begin to bike with a new-found ferocity in order to power the neon stripper's cheeky striptease. Falling just short of the full monty, the stripper displays a card telling the women how many calories they have burned conveniently placed over his naughty bits.

Contrex is known for providing extra essential vitamins in its product, thus trying to appeal to a more active market or at least consumers that have every intention of someday becoming active. Targeting their female demographic in earnest, Contrex has devised a light-hearted and cheeky approach with this vibrant peep show. This ad has all the necessary elements, sex, humor and a moral message. What is refreshing is the sex appeal and humor is directed towards women.

Hilarious and engaging, this sells water with sheer entertainment delivered by a neon male stripper.