The Glow in the Dark Candlestick by GAMAGO Makes for a Creative Nightlight

 - Dec 21, 2011
References: store.gama-go
This retro-inspired decorative object form GAMAGO is crafted to resemble a vintage candlestick and really glows in the dark, making it a one-of-kind novelty item of home decor that is sure to have your house guests asking where you bought it.

The classic design of this contemporary sculptural piece is well tailored for any space, modern or traditional. And, being that it only costs $12.00, this model candlestick is the perfect alternative to all those tacky nightlight designs on the market. Providing a soft, dim glow of green, this plastic accessory gives off just the right amount of light to illuminate its surroundings without lighting up your entire space. And, because it doesn't need to be plugged in to work, you can carry it from room to room without ever having to flick a light switch, just like a real candlestick, but, with this one from GAMAGO, you wont need to worry about accidentally setting any fires either.