The Xiuxi Bathtub is Brimming with Opulent Cutting-Edge Features

 - Jan 9, 2014
References: yankodesign
The Xiuxi Bathtub is more than a basin that can be filled with warm water, it's been designed to appeal to several of your senses and create an extraordinary sensory experience. Conceived by Erik Edward Kim, this futuristic soaker is very much unlike any other you might have seen.

The very body of the jacuzzi has a skin-like quality about it, complete with tiny pores that expel air into the hot liquid around you. Besides bubbles, the tub concept incorporates a whirlpool pump and massaging jets that can help soften any aches in your muscles.

Going above and beyond your basic bathing experience, the Xiuxi Bathtub has infrared lights to improve your blood circulation and your skin, plus the means to play music and modify its glowing color.