The Lampa Dino's Light is Restricted by a Punctured Metal Plate

The designer of the Lampa Dino was certainly thinking outside of the box when he came up with this unusual rectilinear lampshade. It may be the common practice to partially inhibit the intensity that a lightbulb can deliver, but this fixture does things a bit differently.

Instead of using a fabric cap over the glowing globe, Alessandro di Prisco took a sheet of metal, softly scalloped its corners and bent it 90 degrees width-wise, leaving one section to the dimensions of a square. This allows it to stand. In one quadrant of the panel, a hole was cut to the size and shape of a lightbulb. It's behind this aperture that the illuminating component was installed. The Lampa Dino is thus able to cast its luminescence immediately forward but prevented from emitting rays from several angles.