This Blue Canary Night Light Sets a Soothing Mood

 - Oct 3, 2013
References: fancy & fancy
Say goodbye to scary nights and fumbling around in the dark, because this blue canary night light will guide the way. This adorable little light glows at just the right level through the night so when you have to get up for anything, you'll be able to see.

The blue canary has an LED night light with a sensor eye, so it can dim and brighten depending on the ambient light. As evening comes, the little bird will glow brighter to suit the needs of the room. The light is also energy efficient as it only uses about $0.25 in electricity per year.

The little 0.3 watt illuminator is translucent and non-threatening unlike those terrifying clown lights from your childhood. The little blue bird is friendly and soothing so if you have small children, they will have nothing to fear when they wake up at night.