This Luminescent Art Installation was Created by Artist Leo Villareal

 - Jul 4, 2013
References: & sweet-station
This fantastic luminescent art installation by artist Leo Villareal attracts the attention of passersby with its colorful neon glow. This piece essentially looks like a futuristic glowing orb. This installation is formed by connecting a bunch of hexagonal pieces to form a large glowing ball.

Within this large glowing orb there is a smaller glowing orb that adds extra interest to this light-up installation. Villareal says that he likes to work with simple shapes and forms to create interesting elements inside the framework.

His luminescent orb installation shines so brightly that it is guaranteed to catch the eye of anyone who walks past it. Leo Villareal is a Yale graduate who received a bachelor's degree in sculpture in the early 90s. He is clearly a talented artist whose works are impossible to ignore.