The Olivia Steele Neon Art Installations are Severely Contrasted

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: oliviasteele & trendland
The photographs that make up the Olivia Steele Neon Art series are intriguing, yet their subject matter is equally offputting. These Steele photographs feature captures of iconic imagery, events and landmarks that have been juxtaposed by cheery and welcoming neon signs. For example, one of Steele's shows an atomic bomb exploding in the background and a bright and cheery sign in the forefront that proclaims "wish you were here." Steele's lyrical neon sculptures, as she calls them, attempt to enlighten, shock and provoke individuals to respond.

A consistent theme and goal of her work is to question the construction of modern culture and the natural perceptions humans adopt. With the help of this Neon Art series, Steele hopes to provoke in audiences feeling of outrage, dismay and promote a discussion among her audiences. These jarringly juxtaposed creations ask individuals to question the modern make up of the world and why it is the way it is.