The Navid Nuur Exhibit at Max Hetzler Gallery Fuses Neon Light Bulbs

 - Jan 24, 2015
References: maxhetzler & maxhetzler
At the Window Gallery in the Max Hetzler Gallery, the Navid Nuur 'Untitled (detail)' exhibit fuses together household lightbulbs to produce neon lighting. The gas-based project amalgamates a light show comparable to Olivia Steele and Tracey Emin. Navid Nuur hails from Tehran, Iran and lives in The Hague, Netherlands. The BFA and double MA scholar is renowned for his breathtaking work using repurposed material. From iPhones to trash, the artist uses it all to create his intricate designs.

Navid Nuur describes his work as "interimodules," indicating their flexible identification and ability to function in different ways depending on the relation to other pieces. In this case, these "interimodules" are the fused light bulbs projecting neon light. Currently, the exhibit can be seen in Berlin.