Dylan Neuwirth Illuminates the Power of Internet Slang

 - Aug 29, 2014
References: dylanneuwirth & beautifuldecay
Seattle-based artist Dylan Neuwirth borrows from the modern-day language of Internet slang for his latest series. His collection of glowing banners illuminate, quite literally, the collective effect the Internet has on the evolution of language.

Like the Internet, Neuwirth refuses to be confined to one region; he wishes to create art that looks like it could come from anywhere. As he explains it, his art strives to be "singular and be synonymous at the same time."

Of course, Neuwirth's installation is only momentarily reflective; the language of the Internet evolves so constantly, continually, that these terms and phrases could be completely obsolete within a month or two. Who knows where Internet could be within the next few years?