'In Praise of Shadows' Challenges the Way We Think About Light

 - Oct 3, 2009
References: janewithers & davidreport
'In Praise of Shadows' is an exhibition that was inspired by the EU directive to phase out low efficiency light bulbs by 2012. It explores a designer's response to lighting and efficiency. The project brings humor and beauty to the challenge of energy and light efficiency by bringing together works from various EU-based artists and designers.

'In Praise of Shadows' explores the potential of alternative energy sources. The display was commissioned by the European Union National Institute for Culture (EUNIC) and was curated by London-based design consultant and curator Jane Withers.

'In Praise of Shadows' includes works by Drift, Pieke Bergmans and Loop.pH. French eco-activists Clan du Neon contributed a selection of films. The exhibition appears at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London until mid-October.