The Tracey Emin Neon Sign Frenzie Has Taken Over Tumblr

Tracey Emin neon sign art has taken over Tumblr blogs, and is a stunning installation art gem to stumble upon in the night.
The London, England born artist's works range from photography, needlework, sculpting, drawing, painting, videography, to her famed art installations. Tracey Emin's art is inspired by her own life events and at times her words are tragic and at times humorous, reflecting life stages everyone can relate to.

Emin's work has a certain immediacy to it and its often sexually provocative, directly correlating with a feminist discourse. The Tracey Emin neon signs are personal and revealing, touching upon her failures and successes.

The main reason why the Tracey Emin neon signs have gained such blog fandom is because the glowing words are relatable and captivating. The signs are often relationship-focused and about love. Her signs are especially relevant for Valentine's Day. So go ahead and re-blog, post and send your lover an emotional lovey-dovey Tracey Emin neon sign picture.