The 'Desert Breath' Project Looks Surreal and Other Worldly

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: danaestratou & visualnews
Looking like mystical art from above, this stunning geometrical desert art piece by installation artist Danae Stratou looks surreal and other worldly.

The 'Desert Breath' project in Egypt's mesmerizing vast desert lands is made up of two perfectly shaped spiraling arms of positive and negative conical forms. Inspired by the forms found in the natural world and the cosmos, this gigantic desert art installation took two years to make.

With cones taller than people and the central body of water spanning 100 feet, Stratou and her team almost covered 100,000 square meters with this behemoth art piece.

The 'Desert Breath' can be seen by Google Maps as it sits in the quiet desert infusing itself into the natural landscape.