Martin Bailey's Photos of the Nogawa Cherry Blossoms are Stunning

 - Aug 11, 2014
References: offset & featureshoot
These cherry blossom photos were captured by Tokyo-based photographer Martin Bailey at the Nogawa Cherry Blossom light-up, an annual event that attracts 100,000 to the gorgeous, freshly blooming flowers.

Bailey's cherry blossom photos don't merely highlight the obvious stunning visual beauty of the flowers and trees and the enthusiasm of onlookers, but also capture the flower's deeper meaning and spiritual significance.

Since the cherry blossom bloom only lasts a few weeks, it is believed to signify the fleeting nature of our own existence. Like the beautiful blossoms, humans too are born in a beautiful frenzy, before realizing their own mortality and dying.

Bailey's cherry blossom photos have a distinctly meditative quality to them. Aside from impressing with their physical beauty, the flowers invite us to realize the precious nature of our own existence.