Alex Bellini Will Live On a Melting Iceberg for Up to a Year

 - Aug 26, 2014
References: alexbellini & gizmag
Italian explorer Alex Bellini has come up with an extraordinary plan to raise awareness about climate change and promote discourse on the environment -- he will live alone on a drifting iceberg in Greenland for either a year or until the iceberg melts away -- whichever happens first.

The plan may sound foolhardy but Bellini is no ordinary bloke, having previously rowed a small boat solo across the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Ocean.

Alex Bellini will live off 300 kg of dried food provisions until he is forced to abandon the iceberg, at which point he will float within a survival pod until it's washed to shore. He will be alone for much of his time on the iceberg, but will likely be visited by journalists. He says he is not trying to prove that the planet is warming or cooling, but simply hopes to get people talking about the planet's state and fate.