These Coffee Tumblers from Watch Life with Curiosity are Overtly Lavish

Adding an air of sophistication to an otherwise mundane product, Watch Life with Curiosity is offering caffeine fanatics the chance to add some lavish features to their run-of-the-mill coffee tumblers.

Designed with crocodile skin for extravagant allure, these coffee tumblers allow patrons to go about their day while showcasing their penchant for style and luxe accessories. Handcrafted and available in three different colors including black, brown and blue, these unique coffee tumblers will surely change the way you go about your daily caffeine routine. While probably not practical for budget-conscious consumers, these crocodile skin tumblers will most likely appeal to consumers who enjoy adding a touch of luxury to more mundane products.

Costing approximately $230 to purchase, these lavish coffee sleeves will definitely showcase your affinity for exotic accessories.