The Nisttarkya Electric Bicycle is Focused Solely on Aerodynamics

 - Sep 2, 2013
References: tuvie
The main selling point behind the Nisttarkya electric bicycle is its unique riding position. A fellow by the name of Santosh is behind this bike, which is powered by a 36-volt electric motor. The bike is as bare-bones as they come, with its seat made up of little more than a sliver of metal with a small piece of padding on it and its handlebars located on its front pegs.

The Nisttarkya electric bicycle weighs some 88 pounds in total, so it’s not exactly light. Despite all of the pecularities, Santosh’s design is intriguing. Electric bicycles are starting to become more popular and many creatives are looking for ways to differentiate their designs. There are many different types of bicycles available, but most designers focus on changing how a bike looks rather than how it is ridden.