The Levitation Bike Produces Electricity to Give Back to the Grid

 - Aug 10, 2013
References: dezien & tuvie
The Levitation Bike could very well save the world. That statement may sound hyperbolic, but it'll make more sense the more you learn about this design. The trio of Michael Strain, Ramerio Diaz and Brandon Hartley, a design collective known as Dezien, created this concept. It is essentially an eco-friendly power plant on wheels. The bike creates electricity via pedaling, and said electricity is then stored in a battery built into the bike. You can monitor the charge of the battery by peeking at the LCD screen on the handlebars.

The electricity stored can the be used to charge gadgets via USB or deposited back into the grid. Oh, and the Levitation Bike can also monitor your heart rate and act as a WiFi hotspot. The Levitation Bike promises a lot, but it's ambitious designs like this that are needed to push the envelope.