The New Porsche 911 R Features Newly Lengthened Gear Ratios

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: press.porsche & gizmag
The new Porsche 911 R is a magnificent vehicle, recently launched at the Geneva Motor Show, that offers an open-air driving experience that is beyond comparison.

This particular vehicle comes powered by a Porsche 4-liter engine that is capable of outputting as much as 500 horsepower in addition to a healthy 458 Nm of torque. The vehicle routes its power to rear tires via a manual gearbox. The vehicle features altered gear ratios as a response to customer feedback that gear switches in its manual cars were too elongated, a fine example of an automaker responding to its loyal customer's demands.

This new Porsche is a vehicle that is designed to appeal to the Porsche purist, while its altered gear ratios will endear it to its ever-expanding customer base.