This Interactive Dove Ad Reinforces That Beauty is Amplified with a Smile

 - Jul 23, 2014
References: & digitalbuzzblog
This Dove ad takes the form of a mirrored installation that has people step up to it and smile. However, there's a catch—no sultry pouty faces, or duck face poses are allowed, as the camera will only snap a photo if your grin is big enough.

This encouraging installation combats the idea of looking in the mirror and seeing only things you don't like, as the mirror asks "When did you last smile to yourself in the mirror?" With a big enough smile, the camera will take a photo and then moments later, the booth will print out a photo of your toothy grin. Although some people are self-conscious about their smiles and bodies, this is a wonderful way to demonstrate that when you look in the mirror, you're already looking beauty in the face.