From Social Beauty Marketing to Virtual Manicure Apps

 - Apr 30, 2015
These online cosmetic campaigns range from social beauty platforms to virtual manicure apps that showcase a brand's latest product range. As social media becomes more prevalent in the lives of consumers, brands are looking for new ways to market traditional beauty products and are attempting to appeal to a millennial demographic in intriguing ways.

While brands like Dove, LUSH and Elizabeth Arden are embracing natural beauty and addressing important social issues, heritage companies like Lancome are celebrating their history by breaking from tradition. Examples of these brand strategies include Dove's custom hashtags that say no to online bullying, along with Elizabeth Arden's charitable Pinterest campaign that raises funds for cancer research. Other examples include social media campaigns by LUSH that aim to end animal cruelty in the cosmetic industry.

For more traditional brands, fusing history with modern technology illustrates growth and evolution. An example is Lancome's recent 'You are Lancome' campaign that takes consumers to a branded web platform. The website encourages creativity and lets users make and share an artistic selfie that is branded with Lancome's social media signage.