'Nike Kichijoji' Provides Personalized Services for Women

 - Oct 24, 2015
References: japantrends
Nike Kichijoji in Tokyo has taken the recent running craze even further by providing personalized services for women designed by the athletic retailer. This Nike location marks the first retail space for the brand that provides female-focused consultation. The services provided are more far-reaching than simply recommending running shoes, but a more lifestyle-driven focus is practiced. This includes matching women's exercise habits with specific products, bra fittings and run clinics.

Advisors also help women by assessing their fitness goals and leading them in the right direction. This consultative service Nike is providing continues a pattern within the brand that hopes to further personalize its retail locations. This added service provided by the athletic retailer is a response to a sudden growth in running throughout Japan. The upcoming Tokyo marathon has exceeded expectations with the number of applicants constantly on the rise.